Spread the word about the travel writing scholarship, it’s about food and traveling and it’s fantastic :

“Travel Writing Scholarship 2012 – Southeast Asia”
http://journals. worldnomads. com/scholarships /story/82158/ Worldwide/ Travel-Wr
iting-Scholarship- 2012-Southeast- Asia

“Social Media for Authors: What to Tweet on Twitter” by Stephanie Chandler
http://authoritypub lishing.com/ social-media/ social-media- for-authors- tweet-o

“How I Sold 10,000 Copies of My Self-Published Book” by Joel Friedlander
http://www.thebookd esigner.com/ 2009/12/how- i-sold-10000- copies-of- my-self-pu

“Why the 21st Century Author is an Internet Entrepreneur” by Brian Clark
http://entreproduce r.com/author- entrepreneur/

“What a NYT bestselling author can teach you about writing” by Rohit
http://www.prdaily. com/Main/ Articles/ 10879.aspx

“50 Things Every Exec Should Know By Now About Social Media” by Augie Ray
http://www.experien cetheblog. com/2012/ 02/50-things- every-exec- should-know- by

“20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes” by Jon Gingerich
http://litreactor. com/columns/ 20-common- grammar-mistakes -that-almost- everyon

“12 Most Valid Reasons You Should Disqualify a Prospective Client” by
Anthony Iannarino
http://www.stumbleu pon.com/su/ 1W0HvP/12most. com/2011/ 08/04/12- valid-reasons-
disqualify-prospect ive-client/

“Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing: Tips from 12 Influential Writers” by
Michael Roberts
http://reviveyourcr eativity. com/ryc/keeping- the-creative- juices-flowing- tips
-from-12-influentia l-writers/

“Twitter Tips and Resources – Part 65” by Kay Ross
http://www.kayross. com/blog/ 2012/02/18/ twitter-tips- and-resources- part-65/ P.S.

2nd Annual Hong Kong International Improv Festival, with teams from
Beijing, Manila, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong (including People’s
Liberation Improv, the team that I perform with), March 1-4 at the TakeOut
Comedy Club, 34 Elgin Street, SoHo
http://www.hkimprov festival. com

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