For freelance copywriters: “How to turn WTF??!! into a Yes and get more
business” by Denise Mooney
http://clickablecop 2012/03/01/ how-to-turn- wtf-into- a-yes-and- get-mo

“The first storytelling rule: Get the name of the dog” by Roy Peter Clark
http://www.poynter. org/how-tos/ newsgathering- storytelling/ writing-tools/ 1650
93/the-first- storytelling- rule-get- the-name- of-the-dog/

“How Much Does Professional Web Content Writing Cost?” from The Content
http://contentfac. com/blog/ how-much- does-professiona l-web-content- writing-co

“15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly” by Brian Clark
http://www.copyblog goofs/

“How Writers Can Use Digital Storytelling to Flesh out Story and Build
Platform” by Amalia Giebitz
http://amaliaonpurp ose.wordpress. com/2012/ 03/06/how- writers-can- use-digital-
storytelling- to-flesh- out-story- and-build- platform/

“Using Great Storytelling To Grow Your Business” by Kaihan Krippendorff
http://www.fastcomp using-great- storytelling- to-grow-your- bus

“How to Think Like an Editor” by Jeanne Kisacky
http://writerunboxe 03/04/how- to-think- like-an-editor/

For freelancers: “Watch Out for Time-wasting Prospects” by C.J. Hayden
http://www.getclien time-wasters. htm

“Self-Publishing Basics: How to Organize Your Book’s Front Matter” by Joel
http://www.thebookd 2012/02/self- publishing- basics-how- to-organiz
e-your-books- front-matter/

“Goin’ Indie” – a list of resources about publishing, compiled by author
Christopher Meeks
http://christopherm eeks.weebly. com/goin- indie.html